Developer documentation simplified

Answered's platform helps developers adopt your APIs by turning your documentation into simple Q&A engine

API as Code

Answered turns your API calls into your developer's preferred language code.

Documentation to Answers

Answered helps your developers save countless hours by turning your documentation into simple Q&A.

API to Apps

Answered helps your developers ship apps faster and turns your developers into your API fans.

Getting started with Answered is super easy

Answered is simple to use for your support, documentation and developer relations team. With just your documentation link, Answered provides you an easy to integrate Q&A engine.


Languages supported on Answered


Up to 50% reduced developer support time.


Get up to 90% increased developer adoption rate!

Can I integrate Answered with my in-browser code editor?

Answered API lets you integrate your Q&A engine with your in-browser code editors.

Does it work with Visual Studio Code?

We are soon releasing a plugin for Visual Studio Code that lets your developers ask question right from where they build their apps.

Can I integrate Answered with my Chatbot?

Yes, you can integrate Answered's engine with your Chatbot. Answered supports all customer support platforms ex. Zendesk, Intercom etc.

Why can't I just use OpenAI's GPT-3 APIs?

Answered fine-tunes your engine by training your documentation automatically without you needing to buid or write code. Anyone on your team ex. support, can use Answered to train new questions. Answered also updates the Q&A engine instantly based on your documentation updates.

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